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Fun and Exciting Ballroom Dancing Lessons

D & D's Dance Center is focused on helping students discover the joy of dancing and get the most out of their experiences. Our Riverside, California-based studio offers dance instruction from beginner to advanced.

Beginner Classes

These classes are ideal for students with little or no previous dance experience. Learn the fundamentals of dancing in an easy-to-understand manner by blending patterns, timing, leads, and follows. Since goals vary by student, these classes are designed to leave all with a feeling of accomplishment. By having fun while learning, you will be well-prepared to achieve more, if you so desire. Beginner classes are priced at $5 per class per person. You can also choose $40 for 10 classes or $29 for unlimited monthly classes.

Intermediate Classes

Intermediate classes are designed for those with prior dance experience or those that have passed the beginner classes. These lessons help students develop improved footwork, as well as stronger lead and follow skills. They also provide an introduction to basic styling techniques for arm, leg, hip, and torso movements for a more polished and poised appearance. Develop greater confidence with amalgamation (grouping of patterns) lessons, while working towards become the best dancer possible. Prices for intermediate classes are $10 per person per class or $75 for 10 classes. You can also choose unlimited monthly classes for $69.

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Advanced Classes

Perfect for "serious" ballroom dancers, these lessons include heavy doses of the intricate step pattern techniques and styling needed to help you stand out on the dance floor. Most students in these classes participate in competitions or performances, where their self-expression is revealed in this physically demanding form of recreation. Advanced classes are priced at $10 per class per person or $75 for 10 classes. Unlimited monthly classes are available for $69.

Private Lessons

We offer private and individual instruction for students looking for the quickest and most comprehensive way to achieve their dance goals. Regardless if you are looking to prepare to dance to a specific song at a wedding or become the best amateur ballroom dancer, we can help. All ballroom dancing lessons are provided at a pace that is comfortable to you while making sure they stay fun. Private lesson rates are available upon request.